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Drunken Bardery

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  2004.07.25  11.03

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First i felt i had to add that because this thing makes no sense absolutely and completely. second off, im home from holy class and my knee and head are both killing me from not sleeping and eggghhhh but it was good stuff as always and my holy batteries are charged up so expect mad lectures in the next few days guys. aside from that its good to be back!



  2004.07.03  01.55

Well, its time to update again, but this time its an update to keep my mind off of things. Turns out whenever you think things will go one way, they usually didn't. I had planned this week that my mom and kenny went to FL to be filled with parties and a bunch of people sleeping over every night and getting drunk which is the usual custom. So... ians home completely alone. Nobody else here.... tonights the second night this has happened... and why is this bad? BECAUSE IAN IS DEATHLY AFRAID OF MONSTERS! im writing this completely sober despite the fact theres a keg sitting right next to me as i type this. Ian has two fears in life, number one being heigts and number two being by himself in his own house. Ever since kenny was born we've both slept in the same room. And if kenny goes out and my mom isn't home we usually have parties so im never usually alone in my own home. This week i am. And im scared... as hell. Ian as a kid never really got over the fear of the closet monster and the attic monster and all that, because ians mom is too loud so she would scare away the monsters, or kenny would be there and he's a hella lot braver against monsters than ian is.... or i had one of my cats to protect me from the monster buuuttt as many of you know, catnip died about a year ago (my cat i had since i was 3) and i havn't seen blinky in days. So, im sitting in my house, with both back door and front door locked, every light that can turn on, on, the dog is in the house (though dogs can sense monsters they're not as good as cats are) the basement door and the upstairs doors are both closed tightly, and im sitting here with my sword in my lap. Now again, you all probobly think i'm crazy and i very well may be, but again i tell you ians arnt used to quiet or being alone and ian is both of them right now. So in writing this ian is feeling a little better, but he still isn't planning on sleeping for a few more hours due to the fact that as much as i hate the sun when im drunk, or after a late night game of hunter, the day orb is one of the few things that all closet, attic, or basement monsters fear. Therefore crazy crazy ian is going to wait till the sun comes up. Ian hates watching his house because if he didnt hed be living on nick or brandons couch all week. With that said and done i think its time to finish up this entry in my own personal online diary and try to find someone whos still awake to talk to. never thought i'd say this but the dragon can't come home soon enough. hm.... come to think of it they havn't called me since they left for florida so that has me worried to... goddammit.


Mood: scared

  2004.06.25  03.39

So the ian watches and wonders and every now and then he catches a glimpse of fleeting joy and hope in this decrepid, and mostly corrupt shell of a world. Something few people can see and comment on. But eventually like most things in life do. things change. this week has been hell. all the weeks before i essentially notice were there to prepare me for this week. It started with brittn'ys graduation party which i was very greatly excited about. The party was great. The week crashed from there. As fun as that party was i slammed my stomach into the keg and have had a knot in my stomach pretty much since then. So that wasn't the most fun. Other than that i think i had a good time at the party. Not too sure on that account. kinda mad that christine and koltys didn't go, and i know brittn'y was upset that her friend mike didn't come too so we missed a buncha people that we really wanted at the party. The next day i was still drunk as hell and continued to drink keeping with my vow to only drink one day a week kinda cheating the system so to speak and not only drank a bit more at brittn'ys before going to chris's party but i drank a beer or two with chris's older brother too. Not really sure cause i was still bad from the night before. We all played TEC and i usually stay up for TEC because its pretty much my favorite RPG now since hunter and i just died about an hour before it happened. Heard i missed a good game too, not to mention the conclusion of nick's game of random, in which again i have a fun char. I think i had work the next day. didn't get much sleep and i went in dead. Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day but kinda ended bad at night. It started when we all decided to go on an insane road trip to visit jewel at 7:30 at night because it seemed like the stupidest smartest idea in the world, knowing full well that christine had school the next day, 9:00 cerfew and all that, but we didn't really care, we all piled into two cars and went for a joyride half an hour away (which really turned out to be 20 mins getting there and about 45 on the way back because me and nick got terribly lost and thought we knew where we were going). We picked her up and went to starbucks for awhile where me and nick both decided that doing quadruple espressos before drinking heavily would be a good idea. heh we were so hyper and we were screaming seventy times seven all the way back to jewels house and screamed our lungs out and broke nicks speakers just a little bit more lol. Eventually we had to leave so we dropped christine off at home and got yelled at by her mom a bit but i don't think she was too mad. After that brittn'y tim, drew, fink, cara, nick, and i think brandon came over because brittn'y demanded we keep the party goin since it had been goin on for two days already and since heh. i have shitty willpower i decided it was a good idea.

Wrong. i went into work early as hell and drunk as hell. i Dont remember how i got there. I didnt have any of the dress code at all and heims pretty much has an extremely lenient one. I had shorts, an old T-shirt, a pair of boots, and no hat lol i was pretty much a mess. But the day got over and me and nick went to christines after eating dinner at his house again (i swear to god the only thing the ciervo family eats is some form of pasta with various meats involved) we watched some movies but i kinda crashed the moment we started watching it. Then i kinda woke up and we watched whos line is it anyway with my hero Mr. Colin Mocherie and played with the cieling fan light till we got kicked out. Than me and nick played scrabble with brandons mom and nick actually did pretty good considering bran's mom is nigh invincible in scrabble.

i think the next day was tuesday. hmm... day before graduation! yea more drinking i was dead. i think drew and britny came over. yea that was the night with tim and fink and stromboli. i think it was just 5 of us though tryin to dodge my mom. she started up that day or the day before. not really sure but its been rough with her goin on every day/ kenny's friend has been sleepin over since schools been out too so i've had to deal with him which isn't too fun either. thats all i got for tuesday. that and i had to do extra shit at work and barely got done. at least joe capp at work keeps things movin smooth in the deli even if im diein.

Then came wednesday. graduation. I definitely cheered everyone on. it was a damn good day. i never knew that AJ was saluditorian or that nick was in honor society. definitely proud of all my friends who graduated. hunter crew, bellmarw crew, and heims crew all congrats to ya and good luck in all the crazy shit you're gonna do in life lol just make sure ya do it. That night was kinda gay though. we went from all these gay parties (not counting ajs cause his house had food and num nums and it rocked) and then got into a giant chain to go to another gay party which sucked but at least we dodged the bullet because as we were all drivin away to my house 3 cop cars drove down the street. so pretty much we went back to my house and started drinking. a shot of vodka later im pukin my guts up cause my body decided it couldn't handle anymore so i kinda just layed around watching tv while everyone else drank shmirnovs cause we were all in the same boat. than some kinda shit happened with nick and christine which kinda pisses me off cause i think they make a damn good couple but that god fellow likes to be on the opposing side of all relationships i put my chips into and now theres a snag with em. not really sure whats happening. and im aware that both of you are going to read this so i'll just leave this bit in my LJ so if ya wanna talk about it im cool to listen whenever. on a different note christine kinda made me laugh about one thing last night while i was peein and she had to use the bathroom and knocked on the door and two seconds later i came out and shes laying face down on the floor. that wasn't really funny but it was kinda like "aww... i used to do that, and now im sick as hell"

Hmm... i geuss its time to wrap this up. my mom just got in at 4 in the fuckin morning and is fuckin bitching about shit than kenny and his little fuckin friend made today while i was at brandons house all day. but again its all my fuckin fault and i should be watching them both because they can't even though i had to watch fuckin kenny for 5 nights out of the fuckin week by myself when i was 12 because she had work. they can't even throw fuckin trash out or do a fuckin dish im gettin sick of this shit. she gave me this "pay $50 a week room and board" shit yesterday and i was like "fuck that for $200 a month i could do a hell of a lot better" ehh... there i go ranting into space again. heh i caught myself cause she went into her room and got quiet ^_^ grrr.... on the other hand kenny and his damn friend are sleeping on the fuckin couch so i don't have anywhere to fuckin sleep now that she came home. lol i should grab blinky and go sleep in the basement with the monsters at least they're not as fearsome as m' mother. well with all that said and done this week fuckin sucks. next week is gonna be better cause i said so even though next week is gonna suck too prolly. regardless one week soon will not suck and that will be the best week of all. Night all and keep ya chin up, don't worry be happy, and all that other positive reinforcement shit


Mood: cranky

  2004.06.18  20.43
Meloncholy and the Infinite Ianko

She was drowned in suicide
Faithless lover cast aside
This is how she came to be
Lorelei of the sea.
Hopes destroyed she wanted to find
Certain death peace of mind.
Now you wonder who is she?
Lorelei of the sea
Many tales I've been told of sailors having died
After seeing a mermaid known as... Lorelei
Faithless lover that is me
And she siren of the sea
So next time that the seagulls fly
Don't you cry sweet Lorelei

Seagulls fly
When mermaids cry
Those tears won't dry
For Lorelei

The guilt is mine i was untrue
The question is what am i to do?
All i know is I got to try
Try to find sweet Lorelei
Make amends for whats been done
Cause i believe that shes the one
And i will go where seagulls fly
Try to find sweet Lorelei

Seagulls fly
When mermaids cry
Those tears won't dry
For Lorelei

There she is I hear her cry
She's asking me if i will die
There ain't nothing i won't do
For you

Such a pretty song and its been stuck in my head all day!!! arrggghhhh! heh but its ok since its such a pretty song. Tonight is my night of the week alotted for drinking, and armed with a fresh pack of Quests tonight should be a blast heh. A night of drinking, smoking, fighting, and watching nick do the junk dance which in itself rivals the nakie dance in terms of oddness and awesomeness. That said and done i really just wanted to sing that song to ya all since its so pretty seeya all at brittny's tonight whoevers all goin!


<3 Jewel <3

Mood: blah

  2004.06.17  20.07
I wanted one too!

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  2004.06.17  19.32
Another day another (doobie? dollar? DMV?) pick one

Wow i havn't updated in awhile like i tend to not do. Last time was ghoulstock which turned out to be really friggan amazing. It was also a night of lots of realizationy things. #1 i switched from my usual cancer filled marlboro special blends to Quest step 1s which if ya didn't know are a type of cancer stick that one switches to when one attempts to stop smoking. On top of that i kinda made a vow to myself that drinking night is only one night a week. Last weeks was saturday heh aka ghoulstock night. So back to that mike never called me back about the bartending thing and so i decided to go to ghoulstock with nick after we tore through a pizza at some place by campies in blenheim. We also both decided to dress up really nice since i was already in my convincing costume from trying to convince christines mom to let her out. nick was in his blue suit jacket which was fuckin cool. So we get to ghoulstock and a bunch of people i havn't seen in awhile are there and theres a pretty good band playin. Stevo was the first act though err... well him and this guy tony montezuma that fuck got shot with a gun like he deserved and stevo kept fuckin with him the whole time before he got shot. So im chillin and groovin and nobody else cept like chris gallante is dancin so we're just groovin a bit till chris 2 comes back with AJ and chris, aj, and quiet kid all decide that getting drunk was the best idea in the world. So we decided to do just that. After drivin around for about half an hour callin everyone we know i eventually just said fuck it and went into a place and bought a jug of vodka which we then proceeded to put into several dasani water bottles and one of our two iced tea jugs and went back into ghoulstock getting fucked up. Cept chris hung around out back and every now and then one of the group would go inside and come back out with more people. So we were all feelin pretty good, dancin around and stuff. I picked people up on my shoulders and we all kinda chilled taking breaks every now and then to get more "special water" then came the movies which if you know stevo and chris movies, rocked hardcore. Heh "ghoulstock 29 jesus 0" After that came Andrew W Y 2 K which had everyone in the pit jumpin and rockin and just goin wild. I myself got punched in the face twice, elbowed brandon in the throat, and fell backwards over a speaker losing my shoe for ten minutes. After that we all kinda just packed up shop and i got the noose of ghoulstock 3 which will forever be a sacred relic until i decide to hang brandon with it. cause more than likely it'll be brandon.... or nick... hmm.... muwhahahahahaha. Then we all went to my house to have an afterparty and the usual bellmawr crew was here uninvited which kinda pissed me off because they were gettin really rowdy with my other friends which was pissin me off and they kept tryin to fuck with chris cause he was sleepin from ghoulstock and a long day and i told em if they did anything i was gonna break a bottle over their heads. either that or i said it to kevin im not really sure now that i think about it. Regardless mostly everyone went upstairs cept for harker and dennis who did their first keg stands which are the funnest thing one can do with a keg. Then harker sat down too hard and broke my computer cause it fell off the desk but it got fixed the next day. Eventually i just decided to go to bed and lo and behold four hours later work happened which was the longest day of heims market i've ever gone through in my life. Other than that the week was kinda the average summer week. Work, come home, go on sidequests with brandon on tuesday, don't sleep much, play a new video game. This weeks game was earthbound. A damn good old school RPG for SNES which was very strange and very iankoic which is always good because shiny shiny games are good things for ians to play. Tuesday Kat and her friends came to visit brandon and me from Scranton and they got lost in camden for like 2 hours and i had to guide em here so we all kinda hung out and that was the most people that have been in brandons house in like a year there was like 12 of us all chillin there with water ice and cards and aboput 4 hours of sleep between me and brandon (3 and a half of it being me) So needless to say me and bran crashed like ten and didnt wake up till the next day which is when the triton escape parts 1 & 2 happened but i don't really know too much about that. Which brings us to yesterday and today. It seems that mr. Matty Vives, known lovingly as DMV (Drunken Matty Vives to those who do know not of his legacy) is now working at a bar which is hella cool cause it sounds like hes gettin his shite together which is good cause we both are kinda workin on it. I'll have to get in contact with him again and try to get him to hangout more cause he's been a good friend of mine for a good while ever since i met him at the first ians house party ever while we both were laying half passed out on a trashbag full of broken bottles. Most comfortable pillow in the world lol. And then theres the night after night of trying to get as far as we could in mario 3 before the NES died on us and reset the game.... damn you Castle 2 in world seven... damn you to hell for taking each and every one of our 120+ lives.... Well thats about it. Prolly hittin bed early tonight cause i have butchery training tomorrow at twelve followed by deli at 3 followed by hopefully a quick shower and brittany's graduation party which i have declared to be me night of drinking this week. So with that i geuss i'll wrap up this small book and go do laundry or somethin cause im almost out of clothes... hehe NAKIE TIME!!!!!!!!


Mood: nostalgic

  2004.06.12  15.38
Ghoulstock/Bartending flop

Well kiddos its another day after pay.
And like most days after pay its almost gone because i jumped to conclusions and thought i'd have money to put in the bank of brandon's mom but i was wrong. And i think it fell through seeing as how no word on the bartending tonight.

But that means i can go to ghoulstock, which is something i wanted to do anyway so i could support my friends that all had a part in it, plus its just a damn rockin thing from what i heard. Unfortunately as the original plan was, Christine and Jewel can't go, which is hella gay because of the whole going to the shore thing last weekend. But that was still fun so its balenced out i s'pose.

SO! theoretically today is going to be a good day. Because i said so. Period.

Talk to ya'll later kiddos! after bartending/ghoulstock..... now what was that CD i's is supposed to get....PEACE!


Mood: contemplative

  2004.06.08  21.38

This day is the day after yesterday, which therefore means that its the day before tomorrow, thus making it today. If that made any sense to you. than you're insane like myself.

So anyways i got to thinkin today about what i did yesterday which was lifting, i forgot about that it hurts the day after which me and nick both agree on. So most of work today was spent in a good amount of pain. The other thing i remembered today is thus. Mr. AJ has challenged me to a drinking contest several weeks ago. And the problem with this is that while he challenged me, brandon thinks that he should be the one to pick the drink. Which is stupid because the champ is the one being challenged thus meaning that he should be the one to choose the drink. Of course we all know that the drink would be jack daniels and aj would be done. So this leads to my request. I beseech you all to give possible suggestions for this contest. Mwuahahahahahaha with that said and done its time to go to rutgers and be on the radio. Wish me luck

~ Ianko

P.S. good luck with the applications all ye searching for jobs

Mood: hyper

  2004.06.08  02.06


yup definitely like the ganja its fun lol. we all talked about philosophy today at the apt. It was pretty cool cause i got to talk about templey stuff and thats always good. And we played more weird wars today which is always cool and im so everly sleepy that soon is sleep time when laundry be done. SO.. night night guys hugs and lovs everywheres yaaaaaaaay!

Ianko ^_~ ,V,,

Mood: high

  2004.06.06  23.32
Good times

Well this weekend was a good one. i have to say i had a damn good time down at the shore as well as friday night. I did my first ever keg stand which was kinda odd but kinda fun, i got to fight nick again which i havn't done in a long time. I got to wear my super cool awesome sumo towel that brittanys mom won't let me have lol. I slept in a closet and came out of the same one lol. I tried to go swimming at 3:30 in the morning though there were tons of cops around in the area, it was just one of those callings like when i wanna go to green acres at 2 in the morning and chill deep in the woods. i got to chill with Chris 2 again which is really fun haha we got to watch all of half baked and that was pretty cool. i managed to drink a bottle of jack and a bottle of gin and not die, even though koltys and nick helped out a bit. A couple of bad things happened too though. Christine got grounded cause her mom found out, and not everyone got to go to the shore. But we still got to see christine tonight cause she preformed at GT day which was pretty cool. heh especially when they sang the bear nessecitys which is a damn good song, much as i relate myself to winnie the pooh or baloo. But for now the day ends like many of my summer days end. Playing video games at brandons, drinking a cup of warm tea with cream and sugar in it, and wishing i could put going back to work off for one more day. With that i leave ya all with a G'night and a ttyl Peace!


Mood: melancholy

  2004.06.04  04.09
Good times

Music : combination of Point counterpoint (bran) - Twista (tanya) - Standin on the verge and the boondock saints theme (myself)

Well... today was good. No complaints at all. teaparties and drop tops and all the things that life used to be about have a way of coming back. The carnival may come and go but if you wait long enough it will always come back to you. Thats the best way to describe today. Today i worked which is always good. I'm so glad that im back at Heim's again. The pay is as shitty as ever but the people are as they've always been and im glad for that because i always was welcome there and unlike fuckin red lobster i was a somebody in the store and not just another corporate peon that they couldn't give a shit about. This weekends gonna be fun.

hi this is ians friend tanya... she is sooo cool, and she is gonna kill you if you mess with this awesome kid named ian bo bian. Word, and she is gonna do some cool stuff tonight. Wait, she already did cool stuff and she will do it again. HAHAHAHAHAH motheruckers. I love ian bo bian so much. word peace out me and ian and brandon are gonna go dance to twista when i download it. BYE MOHErFUrckers.

lol So anyway its been a fun night of hangin out and chillin but back to the day. I came home and me and nick and all thems met up with reppo and all thems and played some Wierd wars and it rocked. And jewel rocked even more today because she knows who P-funk is without having to watch me vives and koltys get rediculously drunk off of the wine hidden around my house and turn it on randomly at 3 in the morning. Thats just awesome. awesome as hell and again i hope she and christine can come down this weekend cause that would rock but it prolly won't happen. heh regardless much smoking and drinking of the apples shall happen because as mr. eustice used to tell me every year in my yearbook "you should eat a lot of apples because they make you grow up big and strong" so in respect to bill i'll drink a few shots for him since he's missed greatly by the group. meh i geuss i'll go get some sleep in a few hours. today is the day of the sushi bar after all which is gonna rock cause that sushi bar is amazing that nick knows about. So i'ma gonna go chill until everybody leaves and then hopefully get some sleep at around 8 in the morning. peace out everybody

<3 <3 <3 <3

Mood: cheerful

  2004.06.01  22.40
buck buck buck AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

AHHHHHHHHHHH its about damn time i updated this friggan thing, its been awhile and its a good reason so i suppose i'll start back with this all. First off every day since friday has been amazing, friday was hunter which tends to be good every now and then *cough*ianstilldead*cough*fucker*cough* lol other than that friday was a usual friday night.

Then came saturday, oh how saturday was amazing. First me and nick decided that going to chris 2's house was the best thing we could have done so we grab our bathing suits and decide a day of swimming is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. So we go swimmin and chill for a bit before deciding to call AJ, who by far has become rediculously cool since this weekend, we'll get to that later though. So me and nick call him and tell him to come over and he says he will later so we look for other people to call, when Christine calls Chris and me and nick bug him to tell her to come swimming with us. It was amazing. Me, Nick, Chris 2, Christine, Joe Burley (aka Baby Burley aka Jesus) and Christines friend Jewel who is one of the coolest girls in the universe. We all swam for a bit before everyone decided they were too cold, and so me and jewel just swam some more and developed the coolest of all olympic sports, the sport of blimp - torpedo - super - submarine - toss - thing... so we did that for another half hour to an hourish till we decided to go watch movies with everyone. Big Fish is definitely a good movie as nick has stated and thus his opinion will be taken more and more with coming movies lol. After that we crashed some party that had 90-some people in it, and Me, Chris2, and Nick, who all had said earlier we wernt going to drink, proceeded to forget about that and the majority of the rest of the night, Chris 2 and me won beer pong in spirit because we were cooler than the other team so therefore we won cause i said so. eventually we somehow found our way back to my house though none of us know how nick got back to his house which he somehow did in the middle of the night. End Saturday

Enter sunday to waking up at 5 pmish with one of the biggest hangovers i've had in awhile. Good times good times. me and bran planned on having a BBQ and by god we had a BBQ we had like three packs of hot dogs and twenty pounds of sausage so this was the biggest of all sausage fests that the world has ever seen, at least in runnemede. Needless to say if you know a summertime ian's house party that means BBQ and hard alcohol. But again, Christine and Jewel joined us again, and jewel proposed to me and i found out that by god she is friggan awesome, not only is she a hippy and as random as the majority of my friends but when Chris 2 and AJ left to go smoke for the first time she smoked me out and the both of us smoked in the garage and it was awesome and shes the coolest wife ever, even though im going to war lol.
So we're all sitting around the fire staring into it as only drunk and high people can do when time decided it was gonna do its little time shuffle dance that it likes to dance every now and then with the alcomohol and theres a bit of a blank till the time Chris Carrol and all them showed up, which was awesome cause i havn't seen those guys in a long time, as well as butler. So we start walkin twords John Carr's which is where another party was up the block when Reppo and some people from there were walkin to my house. Reppo had a bottle of pretty much pure alcohol, stronger than everclear with all the pain of fire in each drop. he of course offered it to me warning about it and i of course, being as heavily intoxicated as i tend to be, downed the remainder of the barely 6 oz bottle, puking soon commenced as did mental clarity lol. We went back to my house and Nick and Christine came in the living room and we watched the last samurai and wizards till we fell asleep at about 6 am End Sunday

Enter Monday
Work....Hangover.....nnnnnn......pain..... coming home from work was great, bran was hangin out with kacey so he was in a rockin mood, and me and nick were hopped up on emo music and talking, chillin with back alley blends which smell like blueberry, some mario party commenced and then we invited Christine over again and made her a hunter as well as played TEC until we all kinda went home. I came back to brans later that night and crashed after a few cooking challenges in the best game of all time COOKING CHALLENGE hmm... that reminds me, when i was drunk saturday i broke the game and got something i never got before SLIME BATTLE!!!! one day i shall have it again.... lol so i crashed there and thus ends the minor day of Monday

Enter Tuesday
SIDEQUEST DAY!!!!! i woke up when brandons mom called, which signalled what every tuesday meant errants with brandons mom which is fun as hell cause we both act like little kids and piss the hell out of her off which isnt a real phrase but makes the most sense. We went to get the T-shirts for andrews graduation (his lil' bro) and then went to Toys R Us, which was so full of shiny things and awesome that we warned brandons mom before we went in we wernt gonna leave easy, but, of course she used the mom tactic of walking away and we got scared and ran after her, she bought animal crackers there though which were tye dyed with delicious and they were so good as only a good thing that is tye dyed can be. After that we went to a pool store and bought chlorine which means soon brandons pool will be done and soon i will annex it as my own... heh... and chrlorine burns like the sun when its on your skin oh how it burns.... hehe then we went to brandons granmas and scared his little cousin nephew girl type person and talked about ciggerettes and bees... oh how many bees we talked about that i was scared.... mmm and there was leftover peppers and sausage they were so good i ate my sammich and now i wish i had it again... i think i'll get it when i go back to brandons today. After all the sidequesting i went to work which was amazing cause it was cheesesteak day and i love cheesteak day. Then me and nick went to Christines cause A. her mom wanted to meet us, and B. it was fun lol so we played lots of darts and pool and it was awesome so very awesome until we had to leave cause of some SAT blah blah blah things meh. Then we went to Wierd Wars and me and nick made the bros from Boondock saints which by far has been the two most fun charachters in a D&D type game ever because it rocked, bran is gonna make a Medic i believe so i'll help him with that tonight too if possible. Now i'm home, writing all this, and either going out with Koltys to the apt or with brandon to play more shiny games and eat num nums that live in his house.... oh how many num nums will be mine.... so with that said and done. PEACE

P.S. JEWEL ROCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 HUGS lol and tell little billy and little suzy i didn't die yet


  2004.03.29  04.07

nnn... its monday morning... i've come home and crashed the past two nights... grrr... work.... it makes me very angry lol almost as angry as tye dyed squid lol with that said and done time for a day of bugging people till senior trip and chillen peace!


What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Very colorful and winged.
Your best friend:Someone no one else can see.
Your powers:Everything.
Your beloved:Your best friend.
Your occupation:Magical girl.
Your ending:Confusing.
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  2004.03.24  18.26

Stoner Bear
Stoner Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Hell yea thas whats up dudes thas whas up lol


  2004.03.21  04.33

I seem to have one o deez newfangled journal things now too, so take that pop-culture, i can hang with the cool kids too... god im bored... i think its nap time PEACE!


Mood: on life

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